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Remove network interfaces from the system via script

Remove network interfaces from the system via script

If you have network interfaces running that are not wished or which could block other network services (like a VPN connection), you can remove them by using ifconfig.

The currently running netwro interfaces can be displayed by executing the following command without options in a shell:


The following script removes automatically some of the network interfaces when executed:

for i in `ifconfig | grep "br-*" | cut -d " " -f1 | grep "br-*"`; do sudo ifconfig $i down; done

The script greps all lines where the network name starts with “br-*“. The * is a wildcard which extracts all names starting with br- and any additional characters.
The lines are split into columns, the names are extracted and shutdown via “ifconfig NAME down“.

To use this script you could store the line into a “” file and store to you bin directory.