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Andre Schütz

Andre Schütz

Learn. Think. Reflect.

Tech Developer


“If you have a dream, then you have an aim and it’s the uniqueness of your aims that make you special.”


What does this tell about me?

My Story

Most of the day I am coding and playing around with some programming languages and data science tools. At the moment, my daily programming stack is Scala, Python, Java, Kotlin, next.js and Shell Scripting.

I am interested in search technologies, data integration, data science, backend development, KI and ML.

My Passion

Software Development

Using technologies to build the ideas and visions from your mind is the real essence for me. The limits are only what we think about them and if we are open, we can see possible solutions and new ways to walk on.


Our mind is one of the most interesting fields of human life. The psychology and theory behind our thinking is absolutely fascinating.

Personally, I strive for an attentive and happy life where I hope to be able to do the things that I love to do. Therefore, I try to express a positive mindset that is inspiring and motivating for me and others.


My equilibrium consists of main 4 aspects in my life. Number one is my family which always stands above everything else.

Secondly, I try to live a healthy life with good food, meditation and nearly daily sports.

Number three are the things that I am interested in. At my current phase of life that is implementing my ideas by using technologies, writing books (in the fields of software development, fantasy, children books) and being creative by creating inspiring content and gadgets.

Finally, but not less important, always be open minded and striving for a life of happiness and intense satisfaction.